What you need to know about CBD

by Dr. Corey Jaquez
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When people have questions about CBD products – they need to search out qualified information. When FOX 61 had questions about CBD they went to THE Expert – Dr. Corey Jaquez!

“CBD is a component of the cannabis plant. It has many different components, but CBD specifically is not psychoactive so it doesn’t change brain chemistry to the point of cognitive impairment,” said West Hartford Doctor Corey A. Jaquez. “In our brains, we have receptors specific to cannabinoids — multiple compounds found in the cannabis plant.”

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The following paragraphs are from the Fox 61 news article which can be found here: https://fox61.com/2019/04/17/cbd-what-you-need-to-know/

Dr. Jaquez said he has had countless patients come to him determined to get off of their benzodiazepines, or “benzos,” such as Xanax.

“I don’t like benzos,” said Jaquez. “Benzos, while being incredibly effective at reducing anxiety, they have a fair amount of risk involved. They’re pretty addictive drugs and withdrawals from benzos can be very intolerable, miserable actually.”

Jaquez said many of his patients who have weaned themselves off of their benzos have done so by using CBD instead. First, he said, his patients find they are able to sleep through the night.

“As a function of getting better sleep, they don’t need benzos and the anxiety is better controlled,” said Jaquez. “The brain is better rested and they can deal with the stressors of the day.”

There are numerous ways to take or use CBD and the effects can vary. Some people prefer infused fruit drinks and treats, others like body lotions for aches and pains, some use oils and many like to smoke vapor.

“When you smoke, the effect is almost instantaneous,” said Jaquez. “If you swallow, there’s a delay — an hour, an hour plus sometimes. On the back end, smoking will typically last four hours, whereas anything eaten or ingested will last up to six hours.”

He said it is all about preference, lifestyle and goals.

“It’s hard to medically endorse anything smoked,” Jaquez said. “ But if a patient is going say to me, ‘Listen doc, I would rather smoke CBD once a day or once every other day than take a xanax twice a day,’ I sort of understand that argument.”

If you have questions about Medical Marijuana or CBD Products Dr. Corey Jaquez is the person you need to talk to.

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